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Lyman Cyclone Rotary Case Tumbler


  • Lyman Cyclone Rotary Case Tumbler
  • Fast & Efficient Case Cleaning
  • Lined Bowl Protects Brass
  • Smooth Quiet Belt Drive
  • Uses Stainless Steel Pins & Liquid
  • Holds Up To 1000 .223 Cases
  • Kit Includes Sifting System & 5lbs Stainless Media
  • Part #7631552
List Price: $569.95
Price: $469.95
422.96 AUD
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Optimus HBC 308 155-grain (100)


Consistency everytime:

Bullet Length = 1..220

Meplat = < 0.020

G1 BC = 0.462

G7 BC = 0.236

Boatail = 7%

Overall projectile length – 1.220

Meplat - < 0.020

Bearing surface length – 0.350

List Price: $45.00
Price: $45.00
40.50 AUD
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RCBS Rockchucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit


  • A Great Way to Start Reloading
  • Everything You Need to Start (except Dies & Consumables)
  • Compare Prices when Buying Separately
  • Part #09354
Kit Contains:
  • Supreme Reloading Press
  • Lube Pad
  • Lube
  • Loading Block
  • M500 Beam Scale
  • Hand Priming Tool
  • Primer Tray
  • Powder Funnel
  • Deburring Tool
  • Neck Brushes & Handle
  • Uniflow Powder Measure
  • Nosler Reloading Manual #7
  • Tool Set
List Price: $999.95
Price: $849.95
764.96 AUD
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Speer Projectiles
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  • Best value bullet on the market.
  • Reliable, Precise & Proven Performance
  • Good Range of Projectiles
  • 100 Projectiles Per Pack Unless Indicated
Price indicated is for a mid range pack.  Please check the drop-down menu to confirm price and pack size of your required projectile.
List Price: $69.95
Price: $52.95
47.66 AUD
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Stocky's Stocks


We are able to offer the full range of Stockys Stocks to shooters here in NZ.  If it is on their website we can can import it and sell it on to you.  
Prices will vary based on exchange rate but will be locked in once you have finalised your order.  Prices will be competitive. 
Shiping times will be regular to avoid long waits but we are also able to get your stock here quickly if required (shipping calculated on actual charge to us).  
We handle all the hassle of import.
List Price: $1.00
Price: $0.00
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Winchester Cleaning Kits


  • Winchester Cleaning Kit
  • Great Field Kit
  • Tidy Moulded Compact Case with Clear Lid
  • Standard Rifle Kit Includes the Following:
  1. Pull Trough Flexible Rod (33")
  2. Mop
  3. Bronze Bore Brush
  4. Slotted Tip
  5. 6 Screwdriver Bits
  6. Multifunction Handle (Converts to Driver)
  7. Cleaning Patches
Shotgun kits and AR Rifle kits may contain additional or differing items to those listed above.
List Price: $29.95
Price: $23.95
21.56 AUD
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