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Wilson Adjustable Case Gauge
Wilson Adjustable Case Gauge
In the making of rimless ammunition and in the chambering of rifles for the same, a close relationship should be maintained between the cone-to-head length of the cartridge and the same dimension (headspace) in the chamber. This is because uniform ignition depends on this fit, as the shoulder in the chamber supports the cartridge against the blow of the firing pin. In many rimless calibers the cone-to-head length of a new cartridge will be slightly greater than the cone-to-bolt face length (headspace) of a correctly chambered rifle. Thus there may be some “feel in closing the bolt on a new cartridge.
In belted calibers, proper ignition does not depend on the cone-to-head length of the cartridge relative to the chamber. Instead, the firing pin thrust is taken by the belt against its seat in the chamber. This means that cone-to-head length of belted cartridges is of no consequence as far as ignition is concerned and the factory can be, and in many cases is, quite tolerant regarding the fit of the cartridge beyond the belt recess. The factory is concerned only with the firing of the cartridge once and new brass will stand a lot of stretching. The reloader, however, is concerned with the fit of the cartridge beyond the belt and the less the brass is worked in reloading and firing the longer it will last.
After a great deal of time spent on this problem we have come up with a solution. This is the WILSON ADJUSTABLE CASE GAGE. Now the customer can readily adjust a case gage to fit his particular rifle and can then adjust his resizing die to correspond.
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