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Tipton Cleaning Rods
Tipton Cleaning Rods
'Tipton Deluxe Carbon Fibre Rods are the Finest Money Can Buy' - it is not easy for Tipton to make this claim, but it is justified and uncontested. 

No other rod is more thoroughly researched and engineered!
No other rod features dual ball bearings and shank through construction!
No other rod has the advantages that come froma high modulus carbon fibre shaft!
No other rod deserves a place in your cleaning kit!

Why is Carbon Fibre better than Stainless Steel?
Stainless rods are hard, and will wear rifling on the throatand crown of as rifle.
Stainless rods will take a 'set' if bent too farand can never return to true. Carbon fibre rods can be bent and return to their normasl straightness.

Why is Carbon Fibre Better than Coated Steel?
Coated rods are made from steel that has been covered with a synthetic material. This coating is soft and will embed with damaging grit over time. Because the core of a coated rod is steel it will take a'set' if bent too far.

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