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UZI Submachine Guns - Technical Manual & Armorer's Course
UZI Submachine Guns - Technical Manual & Armorer's Course
Say UZI and everybody knows exactly what you mean. Designed in Israel this gun is know for its' high degree of reliability and is symbolic of the on going struggle for the survival of that small nation.

Named for it's inventor, the UZI is an interestingly designed 9mmSMG with many practical features that others have since copied. You will enjoy getting to know this gun inside and out. Mastor Armorer John Bush demonstates the complete designand function of the gunalong with complete disassembly and reassembly down to the smallest parts. Rare accessories are shown along with trouble shootingand repair. We also include a visit to the range for some full auto fun! When you finish watching this video course, you too will be an expert on the UZI Submachine Gun.

AGI's instructors are all Certified Master Gunsmiths. At AGI, we adhere to the belief that you must fully understand how a firearm is designed to work before you can make any attempt to clean or repair it. AGI instructional videos provide you with this knowledge.

101 Minutes.

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