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Thompson Submachine Guns - Technical Manual & Armorer's Course
Thompson Submachine Guns - Technical Manual & Armorer's Course
The Thompson SMG is the classic sub machine gun from which all others are judged. Often referred to as the 'Chicago typewriter' or 'the Gun that made the 20's Roar' it was used by both gangsters and law enforcement officers. First developed in 1919 as a 'trench broom' for WWI type fighting, only a handful of that model were built, but soon the Thompson evolved into the elegant model 1921 with the drum magazine. Then came the classic 1928 with the cutts compensator on the muzzle. During WWII the Thompson was redesigned several times to greatly reduce the cost of manufacture. These models include the ZModel 1928A1, M1 & M1A1.

In this video course Master Armorer John D Bush explains thehistory of the Thompson and will show you many rare manuals and prints. He then takes you inside each of the models of Thompson including the semi-auto 1927 A-1. You will see complete disassembly, parts identificationand reassembly along with trouble shootingsuggestions and repairs. You are shown how the drum magazine is loaded and you will be treated to a heart pumping live firing demo of each of the models.

The American Gunsmithing Institute's  instructors are all Certified Master Gunsmiths. At AGI, we adhere to the belief that you must fully understand how a firearm is designed to work before you can make any attempt to clean or repair it. AGI instructional videos provide you with this knowledge.

119 Minutes.

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