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Ammo Cases

Ammo cases come in various sizes to accommodate a large range of cartridges. Case-Gard Ammo cases are made by MTM in the USA and are at the top of the range of moulded plastic ammo cases.


We are able to supply Norma, Lapua & Hornady brass. Other brands are available, please enquire.

Brass Case Cleaning

Tumblers and Ultrasonic Cleaners are both used to prepare cases for reloading. Use either type separately, but for absolute best results a combination of both types of cleaners is best.

Bullet Pullers

Inertia bullet pullers are useful when you need to remove the projectile from an unfired case. Whilst safe for most centre fire cartidges, they are not recommended for use with rimfire cartridges.

Bullet Seating, Trimming & Sorting

Bullet Seating Tools allow you to precisely adjust and set bullet seating depth in very fine increments. Bullet Trimming tools or Meplat tools, trim bullet tips to achieve Uniform tips. This reduces the ballistic coefficient marginally, but the increase in consistency greatly makes up for the loss in BC. Bullet sorting tools measure from the base to the ogive. Serious long range marksmen sort bullets according to this length and load batches to ensure the same 'jump' to the rifling with each cartridge. 4 - 5 thou is considered the maximum difference in length for each batch of bullets. If you are serious about accuracy, you should consider using these tools.


Bushings are used with bushing dies to allow the reloader to apply different neck sizes to the reloaded case. Bushing dies are usually used in neck dies. Some brands also have a range of Full Length dies that take bushings allowing the reloader the ability to set neck size while fully sizing the case. Different neck sizes gives the reloader the benefit of differing neck tension when using different brass or projectiles.

Calipers - Reloading

Case Lube

With all dies, it is very important to apply case lube to the case prior to the resizing process, particularly if full length sizing. Correctly applied lube will help prevent stuck cases, but be careful because too much lube can cause case distortions during the high pressures involved in the sizing process. White Motor Mica 'graphite' is used by some reloaders for lubing the inside of the case neck, but oil is almost always used on the outside of the case.

Case Prep Tools

Case Prep tools are often multi-function tools combining pocket reamers, pocket cleaners, inside and outside deburring tools all in one handy tool.

Case Trimmers & Accessories

Case trimmers may be manual or electric. Depending on the volume of cases you need to trim, a manual trimmer is probably the most suitable for most reloaders. We stock Wilson Case Trimmers, Forster Case Trimmers & Lyman Accutrimmers. Plus we hold a large range of trimmer accessories.

Case Turning

Inside neck turning and outside neck turning ensure uniform wall thickness and concentric necks. These lead to improved accuracy. Not usually required for reloading hunting rounds unless shooting long ranges where good repetitive ballistics is a must.

Deburring Tools

A deburring tool bevels and removes burrs from both inside and outside of the case mouth.

Die Parts

Our die parts category contains all sorts of spare parts to maintain your reloading dies, including replacement decapping pins. Most brands of die parts are included in this section. If you cannot find the part you need, it may be included in our Spare parts & Maintenance section.


Dies are an essential part of your reloading equipment. You need a set of dies for every caliber you want to reload.

Flash Hole Uniformers

A flash hole uniformer removes internal flash hole burrs.The tool steel cutter is inserted into the flash hole through the case neck. Burrs are removed by turning the tool, usually clockwise.


Reloaders measure case length to ensure that the case is still within SAAMI tolerance. If a case guage indicates a case is too long, it should be trimmed to correct length before being reloaded. If a case is withing SAAMI tolerance, but the bolt is still difficult to close, a headspace guage may be required to determine headspace tolerance. Cartridge overall length is also important to ensure the 'jump' from bullet to rifling is appropriate. This can be a significant issue for accuracy.

Loading Trays

Loading trays are used to hold cased during the reloading process.


Powder Funnels

Powder funnels make the task of pouring powder from container to reloading equipment safe and simple.

Powder Measures & Tricklers

Powder tricklers are used to measure powder and balance your powder scale when weighing charges. Powder Measures dispense an accurate powder charge with a simple turn of a handle. We stock the following products plus others: Frankford Arsenal powder tricklers, Harrell's powder measures, Hornady powder measures, Hornady LNL Quick Trickle, Hornady powder tricklers, Lee powder measures, Lyman powder measures, Lyman powder dribblers, RCBS Chargemasters, RCBS powder tricklers, Redding 3BR Universal powder measures, Redding No 5 trickers plus much more.


We stock a range of presses from most manufacturers of quality reloading presses.

Press Parts

We carry a large range of parts and spares for Reloading Presses.

Primer Pocket Tools

Primer Pocket Cleaners clean fouling out of primer pocket bottoms. They are available in a range of sizes to suit all primer pockets. Primer pocket reamers & Primer pocket uniformers are also ilisted in this section.

Primer Trays

Primer trays automatically flip primers to face the correct way. This speeds the process of reloading.


We carry a large range of Federal Rifle Primers, Federal Pistol Primers, CCI Rifle Primers & CCI Pistol Primers. Also in stock are match primers, magnum rifle primers, magnum pistol primers and AR primers.

Priming Tools

Priming tools allow for efficient priming of cases and incorporate primer tray and shell holder with an ergonomic device to simplify this process.


Hornady Bullet Proof Load Development Sample packs are a great way to develop a load without incurring large expense.

Reloading Kits

Kits are a great way to buy, particularly when you are starting out as you get many components at significant savings when compared to buying items separately. We have a range of Reloading kits in stock right now from Hornady, Lyman, RCBS and Redding.


Scales are an essential item for any reloaders kit. Used to measure powder to ensure safe reloading.

Shell Holders & Shell Plates

Shel Holders hold your brass in place during the reloading process. Ensure you have the correct shell holder to match the brass you are reloading. Shell Plates are also carried in stock.

Spare Parts & Maintenance Kits

This section contains a range of spare parts and maintenance kits to support your reloading equipment.

Stuck Case Removers

Stuck case removers are designed to remove stuck cases from reloading dies.

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