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17 Oct 18

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Dillon RL550C and Magneto Speed V3 back in stock.

Brand new to NZ.  Sierra Gamechangers - Tipped Game King (TGK)

"Bought 250 rounds of .308 brass. The only thing I can say is, "Fantastic". It's the most perfect product I have seen.” 

George K

New Shipment of Peterson just in - get the best.

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Sierra Projectiles
Sierra Projectiles
New Tipped Game King (TGK) just in - takes a great bullet and improves it w....
List Price: $79.95

Lyman Crusher II Press
Lyman Crusher II Press
Huge Discount!  One Only   Ideal for rifle or Pistol Car....
List Price: $449.95

Peterson Brass Cases
Peterson Brass Cases
Manufactured in Peterson Cartridge’s new, state-of-the-art case li....
List Price: $99.95

Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Case Tumbler
Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Case Tumbler
$10 OFF $10OFF   Frankford Arsenal Case Tumbler Uniuque Bo....
List Price: $229.95

Dillon RL550C Press
Dillon RL550C Press
Dillon RL550C Press Latest 550 Design Requires Conversion Kit &....
List Price: $969.95

Hornady Vibratory Trickler
Hornady Vibratory Trickler
Save time and improve reloading accuracy and efficiency with the Hornady....
List Price: $84.95


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