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One of the best ways to determine the quality and reliability of a business is to review customer feedback.  We are only too happy for you to have access to this and below is a link to our TradeMe accounts where you can gauge feedback from some of our first customers that bought off us using TradeMe. Also, here are a few testimonials from customers who bought  directly from our website.

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We specialise in reloading equipment & consumables and gunsmithing tools.

All of our advertised items are held in stock at our warehouse, unless shown as 'Out of Stock'.  By keeping product in stock at our own warehouse we can supply you ASAP after you place your order. Our system will tell you if an item is out of stock when you try and buy it.

Check out the products displayed below. Each week we list our new products and  specials here. Specials are priced at ridiculously low, crazy prices, often below cost. Limited stock so grab a bargain before we sell out.

We would like to welcome Ben Alai to our business. Ben has just returned to NZ from London where he has spent the past couple of years and has taken on the role of Operations Manager. He will be overseeing the day to day running of our warehouse and will also be key customer service contact.  Ben is a keen Sika hunter having spent many years in the hills, so if you hunt the Kaimanawa/Kaweka regions  you may well see him in your travels. Feel free to contact Ben at any time - ben@workshopinnovation.co.nz

Brass case annealing has long been a mysterious process that only reloading 'experts' undertook and the rest of us simply considered it too difficult or  time consuming .  Recently there have been developments in annealing machines that now make this task quick and easy and more and more reloaders are including annealing as part of  their normal brass prep, whether each time the brass is fired, or every 3rd or 4th time, depending on available time.  A new listing is the Sth African designed and manufactured Auto Anneal Gen 2 machine. Whilst not fully automatic, this machine, after initial setup, does automate the process significantly.  It uses a butane gas burner as heat source and electric power for the rotation and timer. We have very limited stock at a special introductory price - be quick!

Two new Birchwood Casy products are now in stock and at introductory pricing this week. Renewalube is an all purpose firearm lubricant in a convenient pump bottle. Also in stock is Moly Lube which is a fantastic aerosol applied dry lube (molybdenum disulfide) that will make surfaces smooth and very slippery.

his Week's Specials
(Only while stocks last - Sorry no shops)


Auto Anneal Gen 2 - Case Annealing Machine
Auto Anneal Gen 2 - Case Annealing Machine
Auto Anneal Gen 2 - Case Annealing Machine Anneal & Refurbis....
List Price: $799.95

Birchwood Casey Moly lube
Birchwood Casey Moly lube
Birchwood Casey Moly Lube Aerosol Dry Film Lubricant (Molybdenum Disu....
List Price: $28.95

Birchwood Casey Renewalube Firearm Oil
Birchwood Casey Renewalube Firearm Oil
Birchwood Casey Renewalube Firearm Oil Displaces Moisture Prevents....
List Price: $18.95

Handloader Magazine - Feb 2016
Handloader Magazine - Feb 2016
Handloader Magazine  - Feb 2016 Issue Includes Articles on: Lig....
List Price: $12.95


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