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One of the best ways to determine the quality and reliability of a business is to review customer feedback.  We are only too happy for you to have access to this and below is a link to our TradeMe accounts where you can gauge feedback from some of our first customers that bought off us using TradeMe. Also, here are a few testimonials from customers who bought  directly from our website.

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We specialise in reloading equipment & consumables and gunsmithing tools.

All of our advertised items are held in stock at our warehouse, unless shown as 'Out of Stock'.  By keeping product in stock at our own warehouse we can supply you ASAP after you place your order. Our system will tell you if an item is out of stock when you try and buy it.

Check out the products displayed below. Each week we list our new products and  specials here. Specials are priced at ridiculously low, crazy prices, often below cost. Limited stock so grab a bargain before we sell out.


Just arrived, one of the newest products on the market.  Bore-tips, by Swab-its.  These bore cleaning foam swabs are a great idea that will catch on fast.  A standard rifle pack includes 6 Bore tips and have a standard 8-32 male thread to fit all standard cleaning rods.  Simply thread to rod, and apply solvent or oil as required and clean in the ususal manner.  They are a tight bore fit so are great for mopping out all surplus residues and dirt. They are tough, economical and reuseable. No more cotton lint left in your gleaming bore, these will not leave anything other than a film of oil.  Be one of the first in NZ to grab a pack!

At a special price this week are two kits from Redding - The Big Boss II Pro Pak and the Versa Pak Pro.  The Big Boss II kit includes the press, whilst the Versa Kit is suited to those that do not need a press. Both kits contain quality products that Redding has become famous for.

his Week's Specials
(Only while stocks last - Sorry no shops)


SPUDZ Ultra Lens Cloth
SPUDZ Ultra Lens Cloth
SPUDZ Ultra Optics Cleaning Cloth Premium Microfibre Cloth Sa....
List Price: $12.95

Redding Big Boss II Pro Pak
Redding Big Boss II Pro Pak
SPECIAL PRICE  - $120 OFF -  SPECIAL PRICE Redding Big....
List Price: $969.95

Bore Tips - Foam Bore Swabs
Bore Tips - Foam Bore Swabs
Bore Tips by Swab-its Durable Lint-Free Foam Bore Cleaning Swabs S....
List Price: $9.95

Redding Versa Pak Pro
Redding Versa Pak Pro
List Price: $1,199.95


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